Hardscape Services from A Clean Cut

We started A Clean Cut in 2005 to bring the best landscaping services we could offer to the Omaha area. We have been so fortunate to have created a wonderful customer base that we proudly serve year after year with our landscaping services. You can learn more about our landscaping options here: Landscaping Service Omaha | Mowing | A Clean Cut Landscaping (acleancutomaha.com) The dedication of our employees and our loyal customers has allowed us to expand our business to a full lineup of hardscaping design and installation with a variety of hardscape materials. Whether you’re looking for a paver patio, a retaining wall, a garden path to a brand new fire pit or water feature, we can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home’s exterior with our Hardscape Team!

Design  Aspects from A Clean Cut

There are two main elements in Landscape Design, Hardscapes & Softscapes. Hardscapes are any non living elements in your yard or landscape, primarily made up of pavers, brick, flagstone, concrete, etc. Softscapes refers to any living aspects of your landscape. Hardscapes can incorporate a simple path or patio to a full outdoor kitchen with firepit and water features. Retaining walls are also considered a Hardscapes feature. There are so many Hardscape elements and materials currently being used in our industry. At A Clean Cut, we primarily work with 3 types of Hardscape materials:

  • River Rock
  • Flagstone
  • Boulders

While these are the three most popular hardscape products we work with, we are happy to discuss your ideas and other products that you may have in mind for your project. 

River Rock

River Rock is known for its rounded smooth features and choices of colors. It is a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to a lot of landscaping materials. River Rock can be used for: 

  • Within Water Features or Around Pools & Fountains
  • Walkways or Paths
  • Borders Around or Through Gardens
  • Alternative to Gravel for Driveways
  • Outdoor Shower Floors
  • Decorative Design Elements
  • Beautiful Way to Deal with Drainage Projects or to Improve Drainage and/or Reduce Standing Water


River Rock can be a great alternative to mulch in some climates and/or around some plantings. You will want to discuss types of plants and sunlight if surrounding with river rock. 


Flagstone is a term used for a variety of rock types that are cut or chiseled into flagstone pieces. Flagstone can be cut from sandstone, shale, limestone, granite, basalt, quartzite or marble, just to name a few. The sheer number of design colors and textures makes Flagstone a great material to serve multiple purposes throughout any landscaping project. Flagstone is usually cut into two popular uses:

  • Patio Flagstone Pieces – are chiseled into 12″-18″ pieces and are a thicker cut usually used for floors, such as stepping stones, pathways or patios. 
  • Select Flagstone Pieces – are chiseled into 18″-36″ pieces which are thinner and usually used as standing up material, such as border walls.


When using Flagstone as a landscaping material, it is important to use a good base material such as sand, decomposed granite or mortar cement. Flagstone is a truly versatile design material that creates truly customizable high end looking designs.


Landscapes and landscape design are true art forms. Nowhere is this more evident that seeing a beautifully landscaped yard highlighted with beautifully handpicked Boulders. Landscape boulders are usually categorized as round or angular. The size or scope and the color of the boulders you choose is where the art of your boulders will play in with the other design features of your landscape. Here are several design options to consider using boulders for: 

  • Water features or in clusters around a water feature
  • Strategically placed boulders for edges or up lighting as a focal point
  • Boulder Gardens, where boulders are laid partly in the ground surrounded by moss or succulents, as a garden
  • Surround boulders with contrasting river rock
  • Boulders placed as stone steps or levels in gardens
  • Walls or borders become works of art with the right boulders and warm color choices
  • Fire pits come alive when light dances off the edges and shapes of boulders. 


Be sure to work smarter, not harder when deciding on the placement of Boulders in your landscaping. Realizing that heavy machinery may have to go through newly placed sod or pathways to put a boulder in place, so plan accordingly when wanting to utilize this design element. 

Patio Paver Materials & Design

Enhance the value of your home with a natural stone or a man-made paver design. We provide stone services that range from patios, paths, firepits, and retaining walls. With a wide selection of patio designs and stone to choose from, we are here to provide you with the patio or pool decks of your dreams. At A Clean Cut Lawn and Landscape, we only offer the highest quality stone supplies and materials. Some of our patio paver materials include:

  • Colonial
  • Dynasty
  • Slate
  • Vectorian
  • Concrete Paves
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Brick Patio Pavers
  • Flagstone
  •  Slate


We are happy to discuss all of your questions and design ideas with our design staff. If you have a product in mind, we will happily discuss the pros and cons and whether that product would work well for your project. 

A Clean Cut to Serve You

Family owned and operated, A Clean Cut Lawn and Landscape is Omaha’s complete landscaping, mowing and hardscaping company since 2005. If you can envision it in your yard, we can help you get it there! We can take your curb appeal from blah to WOW! 

We use the highest-quality landscaping equipment and materials to ensure that your project not only meets your expectations, but truly fits with the aesthetics of your home. Let our landscaping professionals at A Clean Cut Lawn create a beautiful outdoor space for you. Contact us today for your residential or commercial lawn and Omaha landscaping needs at 402-680-4604. Contact Us | A Clean Cut Landscaping (acleancutomaha.com)