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We started A Clean Cut in 2005 as a family-owned and operated business. We wanted to bring dependable and honest landscaping services to the Omaha area. We’ve been able to grow our business to be able to serve all of Omaha and the surrounding areas. We’re more than just mowing now! We offer a full lineup of landscaping maintenance and installation jobs as well as a full Hardscaping side of the business. You can learn more about our Hardscaping here: Hardscape Service

Landscaping Services

At A Clean Cut, we offer a full list of landscaping jobs or tasks that we can do for you. Imagine having your weekend back to spend the way you want to. We can make that happen for you! We can handle all of your regular lawn maintenance such as mowing, trimming, fertilization and aeration. We also offer full-service tree, brush or shrub installation as well as maintenance, such as fertilization and trimming. We can even help you with spacing these plants for best location and help you decide on the perfect variety for your yard. We offer seasonal planting, mulching as well as sod installation. If it grows in your yard, we can help you with it!

Mowing, Trimming and Fertilizing

Mowing, trimming and fertilizing don’t sound like difficult tasks, and independently they aren’t. But if you’ve ever given up weekend after weekend just to accomplish these things, then you know exactly why we’re here to help! Let us take these chores right off your plate! Investing in professional landscaping can increase your home’s value and transform your outdoor space to a true sanctuary at home. We offer weekly or bi-weekly regular lawn maintenance as well as seasonal cleanups from leaves, snow and ice damage. We can offer regular fertilization plans as well as Spring aeration services. Want a green lawn that you don’t have to spend every waking minute managing? Call us at A Clean Cut! We’ve got you covered! 

Tree, Bush or Shrub Installation & Maintenance

Our Landscape Design team loves to have the opportunity to plan out garden beds, borders and landscaping features. Your outdoor space should be an oasis of natural features planned around your hardscaped areas. Living fences are a beautiful way to create sanctuary and privacy for your backyard. Picking the right variety of Evergreens or Maple trees, can make a huge difference in the longevity and lifespan of your plants. Choosing the wrong variety for your area can be costly and yield some very dead plants instead of a lush backdrop. One of the easiest updates or facelifts you can give to your home is fresh foundation plants. Older plants can really age a home. We can assist you in removing old mature plants and help you design a new foundational border that will take years off the face of your home. If you’re not ready to start with all new plants, we can help you trim back and find the foundation of your home again too! We can help you find the right trees that will anchor your home and your property. 

Landscape Planting & Mulching

Ever looked at someone’s lawn or flower gardens and thought, “Wow, that’s a great yard”? Wouldn’t it be great if cars slowed down just to look at your lawn and your flower beds? What would it feel like to be the yard envy of your neighborhood? We can help you look THAT good! As Landscapers, we really enjoy the planting part of our work! This is what truly adds beauty to our world. Helping our customers pick the right varieties based on their yard and their soil conditions is imperative to growth. If you’ve ever purchased a plant from Lowe’s, only to take it home, plant it and kill it, you are not alone! That’s where we come in. We talk with you about what you want for your yard and garden space. We talk about the amount of maintenance different plants will need. We can design a landscape and planting design plan that works for you and your yard, not against you! We do our absolute best to set you and your plantings up for success. We can even add a drip watering system to your beds if that would help. No flower bed or border garden would be complete without a fresh ground cover for adding nutrients. A new layer of mulch will help nutrients and water nourish your brand new plantings. Whatever your yard and garden goals are, we can help you achieve them! 

Sod Installation 

Growing a full lawn from dirt and seed can take years to completely fill in. Sod provides a lush, green lawn in a matter of hours! Whether you need a full lawn put in or just some difficult spots filled in, we can help you fix your lawn and LOVE it again! We will talk with you about your conditions and irrigation options and discuss the best type of grass to add to your yard. It does matter! The wrong variety of grass without an irrigation system and no time to water it, is going to mean you’re right back where you started with dead patches and a bad looking yard. Talk with our experts about the type of grass that would work best for you. Do not let someone sell you on just any variety of sod. Ask questions and research! We can also help you create a new garden area by removing your existing sod and help you to nourish the ground before planting. 

We Serve You

A Clean Cut Lawn and Landscape has been serving Omaha and its surrounding areas since 2005. Family owned and operated, we are your complete landscape and mowing company. We use the highest-quality landscaping equipment and products to ensure that your project meets your expectations. Let our landscaping professionals at A Clean Cut Lawn do it for you. Free estimates, fully licensed and insured, A Clean Cut offers everything you are looking for in landscaping, tree or shrub planting and landscape design as well as hardscape designs such as a water feature or fire pit, as well as designs for paver patios and stone patios.

Contact us today for your residential or commercial lawn and Omaha landscaping needs at 402-680-4604.

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