Lawn Aeration Omaha

Lawn Aeration to Allow Your Lawn To Breathe

Your lawn needs to breathe. That’s what aeration does, it allows your lawn to breathe. A Clean Cut Omaha uses equipment that removes small plugs of soil and places it on top of the grass surface. This process allows your lawn to breathe in the nutrients it needs. When a lawn is aerated, it is healthier and flourishes. 

Help Your Grass Grow Properly

The aeration process allows oxygen and water to evenly reach the roots. It also loosens up compacted soil to promote growth and allows for fertilization to seep down to break up the thick layer of grass roots, clippings and debris called thatch. Thatch decomposes over time and can kill the root causing your lawn to die. Too much thatch can hold excessive water, leading to reduced oxygen that reaches turf roots. It can also increase pest problems by harboring disease-causing organisms and insects.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration is recommended in the late summer, early fall, particularly late August to early October.  

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