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A Clean Cut Lawn Fertilization

We are a family-owned small business that believes in treating our customers like family. We are your neighbors first. We take pride in keeping our area beautiful, one lawn at a time. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial landscaping and fertilization, we can help. We use the best equipment, with top-of-the-line products that are administered by our well-trained technicians. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by calling us 402-680-4604 or click here for more information:  Contact Us Lawn Fertilizer for Beautiful Lawns

Green, lush lawns don’t just happen overnight or by accident. Green, healthy lawns require a lot of upkeep throughout the year. A simple soil test can tell us immediately what type of lawn fertilizer is needed. After a lawn fertilizer, we treat for weeds to ensure new growth is weed free. After we apply fertilizer in regular intervals, your soil ph will improve, which will create a healthy lawn all year.

Lawn Care for a Green Lawn All Year

Grass fertilizer is an important step that is necessary in your lawn’s maintenance. Regular fertilization provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to stay green and radiant during Omaha’s spring and summer months. We use slow release fertilizers to ensure long lasting healthy growth along with products to kill broadleaf weeds. At A Clean Cut, we offer maintenance plans that will nourish your lawn through the winter months and early spring, so your entire lawn has the essential nutrients to be lush and green.

When Should You Soil Test & Use Lawn Fertilizer?

Many homeowners ask when their lawn should be fertilized. The experts at A Clean Cut in Omaha begin applying fertilizer in the spring and continue through the late fall to maintain a healthy lawn year-round. We will work closely with you to come up with a customized plan to make sure your Omaha lawn is getting the essential nutrients it needs to grow without using excess fertilizer. Based on your soil sample, we will know to use granular fertilizer or sprays.

Why Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Lawn fertilization strengthens your lawn’s root growth and also aids in durability and water retention so that by late spring, your lawn is healthy. A properly fertilized lawn prevents unwanted weeds and lawn diseases. Most weed seeds cannot penetrate soil underneath a healthy lawn. Most lawns will see a difference in as little as four weeks.

Healthy Eco-System from Other Nutrients

A well fertilized lawn is rich in nutrient replacements which causes fewer dead patches or mud puddles. Your weed control is better managed so your lawn is thicker. A thick, healthy lawn creates a healthy eco-system for micro-organisms, earthworms, praying mantises, ladybugs and other garden dweller that take care of pests and unwanted insects.

Customized Care for Every Single Lawn Owner in Omaha

A Clean Cut Lawn and Landscape has been serving Omaha and its surrounding areas since 2005. Family owned and operated, we are your complete landscape and mowing company. For your actively growing lawn, you can get more information on our mowing services here: Lawn Care Omaha | Mowing | Fertilization | A Clean Cut ( Your lawn has never had such straight lines and more nutrients than imaginable after a service from A Clean Cut.

We use the highest-quality landscaping equipment and products to ensure that your project meets your expectations. Let our landscaping professionals at A Clean Cut Lawn do it for you. Free estimates, fully licensed and insured, A Clean Cut offers everything you are looking for in landscaping, water features, fire pits, and stone patios.

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