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Retaining Walls, Omaha, NE

Retaining walls are long lasting investments that can transform your property to become more appealing and innovative. There is also a lot of functionality to retaining walls. Building retaining walls protect your home and lawn from flooding, erosion and run-offs. The experts at A Clean Cut Omaha understand the importance of appearance and functionality, and can make your property look great with a new retaining wall project! Contact us today to learn more about how our retaining wall business could benefit you as a homeowner or business owner in Omaha, Nebraska.

Why should you get a new Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a designed wall that is built to hold back earth or water. It is usually constructed of concrete, stone, or wood. Retaining walls are used to prevent soil erosion and can also be used to create level areas in sloped yards.

There are many reasons why you might need a retaining wall:


A well-designed and built retaining wall can enhance the look of your property and add visual interest to your landscaping. Along with this, a well working retaining wall can increase the curb value of a home. Think of a retaining wall as a long term investment!


As previously stated, retaining walls protect your home from flooding and erosion. They also prevent run-off water from carrying away topsoil and taking your landscaping with it.


Retaining walls can be used to create usable space and level areas in your yard. A new retaining wall project is perfect if you have sloped land. This is perfect for entertaining or simply making it easier to mow the lawn.

If you are ready to invest in a new retaining wall, call the experts at A Clean Cut Omaha today! We will work with you to design and build the perfect retaining wall for your home.

Types of Retaining Walls

There are many different types of retaining walls, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of retaining wall you choose will be determined by several factors such as the purpose of the wall, the size of the wall, the material you want to use and your budget.

Some of the most common types of retaining walls include Gravity Walls, Cantilevered Walls, Piling or Pier Walls, and Seating Walls.

Gravity Walls

Gravity walls rely on their weight to keep them in place. They are usually made from concrete retaining wall blocks, natural stones, or brick. Gravity walls are typically used for smaller projects because they are not as strong as other types of retaining walls.

Cantilevered Walls

Cantilevered walls are made from poured concrete, stone, or brick. They get their name from the way they are built – cantilevered walls are “canted” or slanted into the earth to provide extra support. These types of retaining walls are stronger than gravity walls and can be used for taller projects.

Piling or Pier Walls

Piling or pier walls are made from wood, concrete, or stone. They are built by driving piles (columns) into the ground and then connecting them with a horizontal beam. Piling or pier walls are very strong and can be used for tall retaining walls.

How long does a new Retaining Wall last?

A new retaining wall should last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Gravity walls made from concrete, stone, or brick can last for decades. Piling or pier walls made from wood, concrete, or stone can also last for many years. You should consider getting a new retaining wall if you have any problems with erosion, flooding, or run-off water. A new retaining wall will help to prevent these problems and protect your home or business.

Commercial and Residential Retaining Walls

We specialize in residential and commercial retaining wall construction, repair and maintenance. Our retaining wall experts will build you a retaining wall with high quality concrete blocks, natural stone, or railroad ties that will last generations. Call us today for a consultation so our experts, with your help, can come up with the best solution for you and your Omaha outdoor living space.

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